About LWOO

What does it take to be truly awe-inspiring? Do you have to move mountains, part seas or take stars out of the sky? Or can you be a 30 year-old sought after The Self-Confidence Speaker, Author, Coach & Talk Show Host? Well, meet Mrs. Lauren Christina Martin, better known as “LWOO” because she is all these things and more!

LWOO runs the gamut of noteworthy phrases and commendatory adjectives. In 2012, she launched her LWOO brand, which stands for “Lauren Ward Overcoming Obstacles & Learning Wisdom Optimism & Opportunity”. In line with her brand, she is diligently focused and boldly determined to live out her purpose in an extraordinary way.

LWOO encourages others to push past discouragement, self-doubt and limitation toward excellence, however, her passion lies in working with teens and young adults, motivating them to be catalysts for positivity driven by the desire to achieve!


LWOO Brands

The LWOO Show

A weekly lifestyle talk show that features guests who share their stories, experiences and advice on the power of self-confidence & entrepreneurship!

LWOO Enterprises

A for-profit organization providing self-confidence workshops, books, online courses, merchandise and motivational CD's designed to impact the youth and young adults.

LWOO Academy

A non-profit organization educating youth and young adults about the importance of having self-confidence within the classroom, their career, their community and most importantly, themselves.


The 6-Step Plan: Rising To Greatness

The 6-Step Plan is Lauren’s first published book written for teens and adults who desire to be successful in life.

Still On The Rise To Achieving Greatness

You read The 6-Step Plan, so fasten your seat belt for part 2, Still On The Rise To Achieving Greatness.

"LWOO Academy"
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Never ever give up on your dreams! Keep this promise by rocking one of Lauren’s special edition tees!

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